OJSC "Bank Eskhata" is one of the largest participants in the market of banking services in Tajikistan, it provides full range of main banking operations. Bank Eskhata network is formed by 22 branch offices, 110 banking centers and 428 points of money transfers almost all over the country. We offer our clients all main banking products accepted in international financial practice.

"Bank Eskhata" is one of the most reliable banks in our country, ranking in the top five in their activities. It is universal bank that provides a wide range of services to citizens and business people, including private and corporate clients, investment banking, trade finance and asset management. 

Main values that guide Bank's activities are fairness, transparency, respect, cooperation, freedom and trust. As one of the main tasks, "Bank Eskhata" sees the maintenance and improvement of a developing financial system in Tajikistan.

Over the years, Bank Eskhata earned trust of clients and it has been recognized as a reliable partner. Today Bank follows its main strategic objective to be more customer-oriented, which means to become closer to the clients. Year by year, we open new branch offices, banking centers and points of money transfers, which help people to use banking services in a convenient and affordable for them time.

During the last 6 years, Bank Eskhata cooperates with international rating agencies that conduct independent rating and evaluate the financial performance of the Bank. So, for these years, Bank Eskhata got high marks:

А - (Micro-credit rating International, India)

A - (Rating planets, France)

A - (Microfinance Rating, Italy)

B3 - (Moody's Investors Service)

Successfully working in the financial and credit sector and helping to strengthen the economy of Tajikistan, the Bank pays considerable attention to solving specific social problems and cultural development of the nation. Throughout its existence, "Bank Eskhata" is engaged in charitable work, assisting the most vulnerable segments of the nation, as well as medical institutions and social welfare organizations, the scope of which includes care of the disabled, veterans and elderly people. Bank also makes a contribution to the development of national culture by sponsoring a variety of information-analytical, cultural and entertainment television and radio programs, and various events, too. Besides, OJSC "Bank Eskhata" actively helps the development of sport in the country with contribution to a healthy lifestyle of young people.

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