CJSC MDO "IMON INTERNATIONAL" - one of the largest leading financial institutions in Tajikistan providing financial services to the local public for over 15 years. "IMON INTERNATIONAL" was established by the National Association of Business Women of Tajikistan (NABWT) through its project "Microloans in Tajikistan.” The mission of "IMON INTERNATIONAL" is contribution to economic development in Tajikistan and assistance to improvement of life quality of population by ensuring stable access to finance.

The mission is based on values and principles of the organization which are: honesty and reliability, practicality and efficiency, transparency and development, professionalism and competence, care of clients.

In 2005, after enacting of the Law on Microfinance, a non-profit organization MLF "IMON" was created. Then in 2008 the organization was transformed into LLC MLO "IMON INTERNATIONAL". Increased customer base, expanding the range of services and compliance with all regulations allowed the company passing transformation. On January 7, 2013 the company obtained the license of the National Bank of Tajikistan on the implementation of microcredit deposit activity.

Obtaining the license allowed the organization to offer its customers a wider range of financial services and to implement new ideas of quality customer service. The strategy of "IMON INTERNATIONAL" to provide a stable activity and long-term development of the organization through the use of its competitive advantages, including vast geographic penetration, significant credit growth and quality customer service.

The main assets of the organization are its loyal customers, dedicated staff, reliable partners and investors.

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