What a wonderful event to reward concrete achievement in climate resilience investments here in Tajikistan! It is important to recognise the best practice leaders in climate resilience financing who act as an inspiration for our current and potential investors.

We promised we would publish our winners by category, as follows:

Efficient Irrigation Value Chain Award

Technology Used


Efficient irrigation, including

drip irrigation                          

  • Iftikhor va Shirkat LLC

  • Azimkhuja Haidarov

  • Makhbuba Ganieva

  • Malaev Odiljon

Sustainable Land Management Award

Technology Used


Improved soil fertility

– sustainable land


  • Pirova Firuza

  • Sharif Aminov

Energy Efficiency Value Chain Award

Technology Used


Energy Efficient solutions for

households and businesses      

  • 3000 Solagii Hisor LLC

  • Surayo Bokieva

  • Ishanqulova Dilbar

Renewable Energy Value Chain Award

Technology Used


Additional energy through

renewable energy

  • Bakiev Nazim

  • Pashakulov Jonikul

Support for Incipient


  • Homsol company

Best Practice Award

Technology Used


Cold Storage Units

  • Maksatullo Mardonov

Modern Orchard with

drip irrigation

  • Komilov Abduhakim

Support for Incipient


  • Katra company

Excellent Impact Award

Technology Used


Equipment Modernisation

  • Faizulloev Abduqudus

Rainwater Harvesting System

  • Janikulov Safar

Irrigation for orchard on the slope hill

  • Norov Firuzjon

Outreach Activities                                 

  • NABWT (National Association of
      Business Women of Tajikistan)

A special thank you to all our key stakeholders and Partner Financial Institutions without whom this initiative would not be possible and we look forward to continuing this great work with them!

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