The CIF/EBRD Evaluation and Learning activity: ‘Building an evidence base on how private sector investments support gender-sensitive, climate resilient development: Tajikistan case’ was held on November 8th, 2018 in Serena Hotel, Dushanbe. The event gathered representatives from the Government, the private sector, NGOs and development partners. It was the third workshop, which aimed to present the results of the evaluation activities and knowledge dissemination strategy of the CIF Evaluation and Learning Activity. The evaluation covered Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR) projects in Tajikistan including CLIMADAPT and focused on gender considerations and gender-related activities that have been integrated into the implementation, monitoring and evaluation phases of PPCR. During the workshop, the key findings and the recommendations of effective mechanisms that support the use of the findings in further engaging and mobilizing private sector adaptation finance for gender-sensitive, climate resilient development in Tajikistan were presented. The workshop also included several case studies and detailed recommendations based on this study and shared information about the design of PPCR projects as well as overall lessons learnt to improve and make adjustments for the future projects’ design.

The CLIMADAPT was selected as a case study for Evaluation and Learning activity and a survey of CLIMADAPT sub borrowers was conducted. Building on the recommendations of an EBRD-commissioned study (2017) on the link between gender and climate finance, phase 2 of CLIMADAPT project saw a stronger emphasis on encouraging women sub-borrowers to adopt climate resilience technologies through the introduction of changes to program design. The CLIMADAPT was mentioned as an example of improving gender-responsive project implementation in Tajikistan. CLIMADAPT was designed as a facility to address the market barriers to climate resilient technologies and is committed to gender equality. The share of women in the total portfolio of CLIMADAPT is 30%. CLIMADAPT team delivered gender awareness workshops for PFIs’ personnel. Moreover, a special incentive system encourages partner financial institutions to support women clients. CLIMADAPT cooperates with different NGOs and Associations to promote technologies that are resistant to climate change among their members, including women and rural households.

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