Eligible Projects:

Projects must be in compliance with all applicable national environmental, social and health and safety legislation of Tajikistan. Typical projects may include:

v  Electric motor

v  Commercial fridges;

v  Chillers

v  Cold storage

v  Transformers

v  Air compressors

v  Modernisation of production machinery;

v  PV panels for electricity generation

v  Solar water heater

v  Thermal insulation of buildings;

v  Replacement of lighting system;


Technical Assistance and independent advice is available, free of charge, to help you invest in quality technologies and optimum solutions.

Investments which are not eligible for financing under CLIMADAPT are listed in the EBRD Exclusions List

Some success stories relating to these type of investments can be seen here 

Our pre-approved and pilot technologies and equipment are available on our Technology Selector, along with our approved suppliers and installers.

If you have a preferred technology solution which is not on our approved list, contact us and we will assess the technology