Eligible Projects:

Typical home improvements which may be funded under CLIMADAPT are:


v  Insulation materials (mineral/glass wool, foam, polystyrene);

v  Replacement of windows and doors;

v  Replacement of boilers in heating systems;

v  Installation of air conditions;

v  Installation of rainwater harvesting system;

v  Pipes and tubes for water supply;

v  Replacement of lamps;

v  Installation of PV panels for electricity generation;

v   Installation of solar water heating.


Technical Assistance is provided to the customer, free of charge, to help you invest in quality technologies.

Investments which are not eligible for financing under CLIMADAPT are listed in the EBRD Exclusions List.

Some success stories relating to these type of investments can be seen here.

Our pre-approved technologies and equipment are available on our Technology Selector, along with our approved suppliers and installers.