Agricultural Sector 

The agricultural sector plays a significant role in Tajikistan’s GDP, employment and economic growth. Its dependence on climatic factors such as the access to water resources, energy (e.g. pumps for irrigation) and fertile soil makes it vulnerable to the effects of climate change. CLIMADAPT supports the agricultural sector and the adoption of related climate resilience technologies that could lead to energy, water savings and/or reduction of soil erosion.

Here we provide a number of case studies in agriculture reflecting actual cases of farmers and the benefits that they have received as a result of CLIMADAPT financing.

                  Cold storage_Hisor                      PVC pipeline_Hisor                    Greenhouse_Vakhsh
             Drip irrigation_Khatlon              Greenhouse_Balkhi Drip irrigation system_Yavan
       Orchard on hill slope_Penjikent       Pump and pipes _Vahdat       Drainage system_Yovon
        Greenhouse_Hamadoni       Solar fruit dryer_Kanibadam  Greenhouse_Shugnon