SMEs/Commercial Sector

Despite the challenging macro-economic conditions, small and medium-sized businesses in Tajikistan remain a key driver for economic growth and stability. Many entrepreneurs are still using equipment, usually of Soviet origin, which tend to be both outdated and energy intensive. Entrepreneurs are interested in modern equipment that are more productive and allow for quality improvement in their outputs, allowing them to strengthen their competitiveness in different industries. Any replacement of old equipment by new machines generates immediate and significant water and energy efficiency gains. The investment of small and medium-sized businesses in climate resilience technologies is an important component of the CLIMADAPT portfolio.

The case studies provided below will demonstrate how CLIMADAPT have helped SMEs introduce innovative technologies to support their further growth.

             Bakery_Guliston               Oil production_J.Rasulov             PVC window_Khujand


Drip irrigation_Khujand

Solar panels_Hisor

Energy-saving freezer_J.Rasulov

Cold storage_J.Rasulov Equipment modernisation_Vahdat
Модернизация обор в2.jpg

Equipment modernisation_Spitamen

Medical diagnostic equipment_Rasht Equipment modernisation_Bokhtar