Technical Assistance:

Technical assistance and independent advice is available to you free of charge to help you invest in quality technologies and optimum solutions.

If the borrower is eligible for a loan for a project for non-approved technologies and is considered not yet eligible, the Partner Bank may decide to conduct the project Eligibility Assessment in-house or it will instruct the CLIMADAPT Consultant to conduct an eligibility assessment.

After the Preliminary Assessment the CLIMADAPT Consultant may recommend a further assessment of the project proposal in order to enhance the project performance and added value.

If a Further Assessment has been approved, the CLIMADAPT Consultant contacts the Partner Bank to obtain a ‘No Objection’ from the borrower and a Letter of Engagement.

If a customer has a project concept and would like to have it technically assessed before submitting their loan application to a Partner Bank, please send us a request through the contact page.