Technology Selector

About Technology Selector

Technology Selector is an online data base of technologies, equipment and materials that promote efficient use of water and energy resources as well as reduction of soil erosion in the residential, business and agricultural sectors.

The Selector contains equipment from Tajikistan as well as international manufacturers and vendors with technical and environmental characteristics that ensure significant decrease of energy and water consumption as well as sustainable land management.

All producers and suppliers listed in the Selector are screened by CLIMADPAT experts and comply with the following criteria:

·         Water efficiency, energy efficiency and soil erosion reduction criteria of the equipment and materials;

·         Duly established company, or representative office in Tajikistan;

·         Strong warranty maintenance provided by the vendor's authorized technical staff.

With CLIMADAPT Technology Selector you can:

·         search and compare different options of equipment and technologies;

·         analyze the key technical characteristics of each unit of equipment and materials;

·         make use of the search function and filter results according to the pre-established parameters.

Additional technology options and/or water and energy saving opportunities may well be identified when CLIMADAPT technical team assesses your potential project.

How to use the Technology Selector

STEP 1: Technology/ equipment search

There are two options available to you:

·         Search Keywords - Input the key word(s) in the search box below and click “search”.  All results for your chosen keyword(s) will appear.

·         Search by Category - Select a category from the drop down menu. Where there are subcategories, these will then appear and you can select the appropriate subcategory.

STEP 2:  For further questions on Technology Selector and credit applications please contact directly your nearest PFI branches.


                Eskhata bank (+992 ) 44 600 0 600, 

                Imon INTERNATOINAL (+992) 44 640 5544, 

                HUMO (+992) 92 771 11 22,

                Arvand (922) 92 795 00 01

                FMFB (992) 600 79 84

How to Register your Technology in the Selector

The list of approved technologies is evolving. If you would like to register your equipment in the Technology Selector, please contact us and our engineers will check the performance parameters of your products to ensure they meet the CLIMADAPT criteria:

·         Energy use reduced by 20%

·         Water reduced by 10%

·         Soil erosion reduced by 10%

A full list of approved technologies can be downloaded here (click to download PDF Technology Selector August 2016)