A Technology Workshop on solar technologies was organized on August 8, 2017 by the Climadapt team to raise awareness and disseminate technologies that are resistant to climate change in Tajikistan. This workshop targeted commercial segment, in particular hotels, hostels, sport-clubs and swimming pools. Around 20 small business owners and managers attended the workshop along with PFI representatives. The main objective of this workshop was to explain the benefits of using solar technologies for small businesses. Presentation of solar panels and solar water heaters was delivered by one of the leading local vendors - Homsol company. Homsol company has shared their experience based on real cases and described the technical details and economic benefits of solar technologies.

Another presentation was delivered by the EBRD ASB team on advisory services offered for the small businesses. EBRD ASB expert shared success stories and explained their selection criteria and procedures. After the presentation, participants visited the demonstration site, a well-known sport club that has installed solar water heaters.

The audience was very receptive, actively asking questions during the presentation, coffee break and site visit. Climadapt team will continue delivering Technology Workshops in the following months in order to contribute to the improved awareness and penetration of innovative technologies in Tajikistan.