Tis was our third workshop on innovative climate resilience technologies dedicated to the establishment of modern orchard with drip irrigation, which could generate both substantial improvements in water efficiency, energy efficiency and sustainable land management.

It was conducted by the leading expert on Intensive Orchards from the Pouille Institute of France for aapproximately 50 people: including four from the CLIMADAPT PFI – “IMON”, local potential investors, research and training institutes, facilitators in the modernization process of Tajik agriculture such as development institutions and NGOs, supplier and installer of drip irrigation systems, key export and import experts, and a number of potential clients and representatives of Dekhkan farms.In addition to presentations on drip technology and its technical and economic impact, it included questions and answers session.


  At the end of the workshop, there were intense discussions between all the participants.A representative from IE “QATRA” indicated the prices, noting that depending on the wishes of the client, the drip irrigation system could range from USD 1,500.00 to USD 3,500.00 per hectare.

The Professor of the Institute of Fruits and Vegetables mentioned the extensive role of the drip irrigation technology and its impact on the production of various cultures; moreover, he has offered that this kind of seminars should be held more often, in order to raise awareness among the Tajik farmers. He had also offered to create the association of intensive orchards in Tajikistan, where farmers could easily exchange their ideas and insights.


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