Our second Technology Workshop on Drip Irrigation in Khujand.An initiative had also come from the PFI - “IMON International”, who was highly interested in promoting Modern Irrigation Systems throughout the country. Approximately 40 people have participated, including eight from the CLIMADAPT PFI’s (Eskhata, Imon and Humo).  Other participants included various agro-NGOs, key suppliers and installers of Drip Irrigation System, two local suppliers of high - quality plastic tubes, pipes and drip irrigation filters, a number of potential clients and representatives of Dekhkan farms.

Those attending met the representatives of NETAFIM KZ and shared their thoughts on the technology, moreover, they tried to find additional information about the quality of the product, costs and the installation period. Energy Efficient Greenhouses of NETAFIM were also a topic of discussion. A local installer and supplier had presented the Chinese model of Drip Irrigation Systems to the audience. He also explained the activities of LLC “Qatra” and its expansion throughout the country for the last 5 years.

Representative from Star Plast shared the idea of the future cooperation with NETAFIM KZ with regards to Star Plasts’ high quality Ultraviolet protected pipes. CLIMADAPT Team mentioned the fact that the overall costs of NETAFIM Irrigation Systems would be sufficiently reduced in the Tajik Market in case the pipes were purchased in Tajikistan.

A professor from the Institute of Gardening in Khujand had mentioned about the history of irrigation in Tajikistan as well as the perspectives of drip irrigation technologies for the future of agro sector of Tajikistan. The variety of soils in Sugd region were also discussed and the farmers were suggested to select relevant technology properly. The key message from the workshop was that drip irrigation is the best applicable method of irrigation. Since the scarcity of water will be felt in the near future, local farmers need to start to working with these technologies as soon as possible.

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