Technology workshop on solar dryers for fruits and vegetables was organized by the Climadapt team on April 25, 2018. It brought together 54 farmers of Kanibadam district. Growing apricots and peaches and their further processing and export is widely developed in Kanibadam and Isfara districts of Sugd region.

Bahodir Toshmatov –solar dryers expert presented modern dryers for fruits and vegetables during this workshop. He informed participants about characteristics of solar dryers, shared several cases on solar dryers and described the economic and environmental benefits of using this technology.

After his speech farmers asked questions related to the pricing, delivery and maintenance of solar dryers. Participants proposed to install a demonstration version of the solar dryer in the branch of IMON INTERNATIONAL in Kanibadam city. During the coffee break, Bahodir Toshmatov answered to specific questions of some of the participants and shared his knowledge and ideas. Participants were satisfied with the workshop and gained a lot of knowledge about this technology.

Climadapt Technology workshops held with the support of Partner Financial Institutions aim to raise awareness of modern energy and water efficient technologies and to increase dissemination of these technologies. Use of climate resilience technologies by farmers, households, small and medium sized enterprises, reduces their operating costs, saves energy and water resources and improves income.