Technology workshop on solar dryers was organized by Climadapt team on 5 April 2018, in Isfara bringing together 40 farmers and entrepreneurs. Beside the Climadapt team, vendors and experts in solar dryers delivered speeches and presentatons on this technology. The session delivered by Toshmatov Bakhodir, covered the technical side of solar dryers, types of dryers and operatons and also shared several cases of solar dryers. (Using the solar dryers enables food
processing in a hygienic, safe and healthy manner,” says Toshmatov Bakhodir. Another expert on solar dryers, Qobilov Najmiddin, provided an overview of the changing trends in the market and explained the exportng opportunites and challenges for farmers. The main objectve of technology workshop was disseminatng relevant informaton on various aspects and current trends in solar technologies. In comparison to other methods, solar dryers can reduce the tme needed for drying of fruits. There is also better quality ensured as the products are covered and in a controlled environment. Diferent models can be built to suit a family, village or other enterprise. All partcipants were actvely involved in discussions and asked various questons. Partcipants have also proposed to conduct a similar workshop in Konibodom district, where a lot of farmers would be also interested in solar dryers.