On December 6, 2017, more than 25 representatives of Government of Tajikistan, businesses, NGOs and farmers participated in a technology workshop “Zero Till technology and its prospects in Tajikistan”. The workshop was organized by the SAROB Cooperative and supported by the CLIMADAPT project. The workshop covered the agro-ecological approaches for implementation in Tajikistan, which help to prevent fertile soil erosion and land degradation. Maruf Makhkamov, representative of SAROB Cooperative, in his opening speech underlined the importance of investments into the Zero Till technologies and sustainable land management practices. Professor Muminjanov Hafiz presented the application of Zero Till technologies in various countries and success stories. The Innovative Technology Expert, Farhod Umarov, presented CLIMADAPT project, its activities and achievements. CLIMADAPT presentation stressed measures supporting sustainable land management practices, in particular Zero Till technology and Laser Levelling. The workshop also served as a platform for exchanging of recommendations, experiences and lessons learnt from different projects and regions.

CLIMADAPT will further collaborate with SAROB Cooperative and other stakeholders to promote wider introduction of Zero Till in Tajikistan.