CLIMADAPT team has organized a technology workshop on September 14, 2017 in Tursunzoda city with the participation of potential CLIMADAPT clients, partner financial institutions and suppliers. The workshop was devoted to the energy-efficient cold storages for fruits and vegetables, which can lead to a reduction in the use of electricity and improve profitability and efficiency of businesses. Workshop was co-organized by CLIMADAPT partner, Nur Panel company, the leading manufacturer and supplier of sandwich panels and cold storages in Tajikistan. 53 farmers and entrepreneurs participated in the workshop, as well as representatives of partner financial institutions and local media.

Deputy Team Leader of CLIMADAPT project Farukh Kasimov opened the workshop with welcoming speech, told about the project and forthcoming plans. The director and founder of the Nur Panel company, Vanik Davydian, briefed the seminar participants on the company's activities and cold storage types, technical details and economic benefits. A cold storage project implemented by the Nur Panel company was demonstrated to the participants of the workshop. Representatives of partner financial institutions also gave a speech at the workshop and described the conditions for granting loans under the CLIMADAPT project.