After successfully completing a technology workshop in Tursunzade in September 2017, Climadapt team conducted another workshop in Khujand on February 26th, 2018. Total 20 farmers and entrepreneurs from different part of Sogd region participated in this workshop. The goal of the workshop was to disseminate the knowledge of new innovative technologies and specifically to promote energy efficient cold storages for fruits and vegetables.

The workshop was organized in cooperation with Nurpanel Company and it was dedicated to sharing their experience regarding the construction and maintenance of cold storages, relevant issues and benefits for the farmers. This workshop covered the basics of cold storage technology, different types of cold storages, tailored to the specifiс products produced in the Sogd region. Several case studies of energy efficient cold storages were demonstrated to show case real success stories to the participants. The topic was of greatest interest for the participants, and they met the representatives of NurPanel company and shared their thoughts on the technology, moreover, they tried to find additional information about the quality of the product, costs and the installation details.

The Climadapt PFI Relationship manager Shukhrat Komilov reiterated the importance of this workshop in building awareness and knowledge of farmers in close cooperation with vendors and partner financial insitutions. Climadapt team will continue delivering technology workshops throughout the year 2018.